Sunday, November 25, 2012

Operation Education Animal Rescue

        I wanted to take pictures of animals being put up for adoption.  Those close to me had heard me mention this certain idea before.  It was something that I had wanted to do to be a part of animal rescue and adoption organization.  Being a photographer, I could take great photos of them and hopefully this would increase interest in the animals.  When there is increased interest, there are more visits to meet the animals.  When there are meet and greets, people fall in love.  When people fall in love, someone has found a forever home.  
      The thing about adoption photos are, sometimes they are taken the day the animal is rescued.  He might be scared.  It might be inside a building.  The average animal rescuer does not have enough time to take great photos because they obviously have more important issues to take care of first, then photos and things of that nature come second.  Many times, the photos show the animal scared, ears back, inside a building or cage.  This is by no fault of anyone, when you have so many dogs, aren't sure of your photography skills, and so little time, I don't know how they get photos at all!  I want to take photos of them when they're comfy.  When they are playing or walking outside.  With my skills in photography and my love for anything that breathes, I felt this would be something for me.  
      Last Saturday, I was outside of Petsmart, obviously, and I stopped by a rescue group set up outside.  Operation Education Animal Rescue was outside for some meet and greets with a few dogs.  They desperately needed volunteers and new photos.  Bingo.  I'm your girl.  We met the next day at a park in  Murfreesboro and the first round of dogs had their photo shoot.  These pictures will be up on their website, through Petfinder and Adopt-a-Pet.  I told my new friends, "Seriously, I have been wanting to do exactly this."  It was a perfect opportunity to help these little guys.  And gals.  They deserve it.






The sweet brother and sister duo





Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Davis Family

I had the opportunity to shoot this gorgeous family at Cane Ridge Park.  The kids are so precious, they made it easy.  Enjoy.